Elly Grant
artist + administrator = curator?

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Group exhibition
Masters in Art Education graduating cohort 2022
Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University
June 7 - 18, 2022

Experience Research!!! was an on-site research project that invited viewers to contribute to a collaborative research paper on art education. The project explores the joys of research as it is presented to the public, and considers the challenges, both mental and physical, of conducting research behind the scenes. Experience Research!!! exposes and simplifies the research process experienced by Masters students, including but not limited to: critical thinking, isolation, aha-moments, exhaustion, curiosity, back pain, insight, monotony, and a greater sense of academic contribution. In this experience, participants are invited to respond to a research prompt and provided with resources to carry out research through three stages – Write, Read, and Edit.

I am largely interested in how research is presented in shiny form and the processes / labour by which researchers participate to disseminate their work. This project is inspired by my experience in NSCAD’s Masters of Art in Art Education (MAAE) program, which I unintentionally completed online thanks to the pandemic. My experience conducting research in the MAAE program, and academia at-large, has prompted me to reflect on the student experience, and the mind / body state as a result of these experiences.